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Grand Days – Travel & Events агентство для тех, кто выбирает уникальный опыт.
Нам интересно открывать новые горизонты, знакомиться с интересными, людьми, пробовать необычные вкусы и переживать волшебные эмоции вдали от классических маршрутов.

Марина Тусон, генеральный директор Grand Days
Великолепная Ирландия
Seven-days hiking tour. Smooth rise 1280 meters up the Bolshoi Shatak mountain.
"Храброе сердце" Шотландии
Five days of climbing up to 4000 meters height. This is a low level of difficulty route.
Политика и высокая кухня в Белфасте
Alaska's most graphic places. Perfect for those in search of the state's best wildlife spots!
Секретный Санкт-Петербург
Флоренция. В гости к Медичи
Девичник в Париже
Photo Reports
See the sights and read what people have to say about their experience of Meridians tours.
Yampa river fishing trip
Enjoy our photo report about the Colorado fishing trip that took place in September. There were about 30 participants. Many of them were beginners, some were our frequenters. This time the fishing trip lasted for three days and was combined with a little walking tour.
Caucasus tour for kids
We invited a group of kids under 12 to the exciting walking tour up the Caucasus mountains. This is a very smooth ascend perfectly suitable for beginners. A real adventure! Kids got experience of hiking in abrupt weather changes and great memories to take home.
Video Diaries
Every tour is unique and exciting! Check out the video diaries to get an idea of what the journey atmosphere is like.
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That is my third heli-skiing trip. I am a professional snowboarder and I have travelled different places to practice. Next year I am with the team again and I feel a burst of excitement every time I think about the upcoming tour.
Jane Weber
Thanks you the Meridians team! My best trips were with them. Canada, Greenland, Finland! They can make your dream tour come true and show such places you would otherwise never visit!
Lana Tompson
Me and my family are passionate about wildlife and extreme tourism. Meridians always offer interesting routes and are excellent in coordinating everything.
Simone Le'Mont
Wow! Wow! If you want something outstanding in your life, Meridians is like an adventure factory.
Claudio Naval
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